Enter Doctor Development!

There’s a new hero in the Global South. He hails from the Global North, he’s been trained in the best development studies programs, and the goodness of his intentions is only matched by the sloppiness of his actions: meet Doctor Development! (not a doctor doctor, you know, but he insists people use his title).

Superpowers and superweaknesses

One of Doctor Development‘s superpowers is curing disease, but he can only use this power randomly, allocating the ill and needy to the treatment or control group. He also has the supernatural ability to stimulate economic growth, but it takes such a long time that the effects of this gift are virtually invisible. Doctor Development also has the power of acutely analytical perception, but unfortunately this is curtailed by one of his chief weaknesses: very bad memory. Finally, with great power comes great monitoring & evaluation: Doctor Development is forced by the Supreme Oysidee to develop a log-frame for everything, including napping.

Foes and allies

Doctor Development has many enemies, but only one nemesis: Patrimonial Pierre! And whenever he fights the perverse poverty plots of Patrimonial Pierre, inevitably he is forced to confront the extremely exacting schemes of his twin sister, Xtractive Xenia. Fortunately, Doctor Development is not alone in his fight for poverty-reduction: his loyal robotic sidekick Transparentor is always by his side.

Where did he come from

We know preciously little about his real identity, but rumor has it that Doctor Development developed his superpowers after being bit by a radioactive Bono…

Stay tuned and learn more about this new superhero on twitter: @PabloYanguas.