About me

I have over 10 years’ experience as a practitioner, researcher and thought leader on adaptive and politically smart approaches to technical assistance and advocacy.

I have designed and advised successful development programmes, developing technical proposals, frameworks and approaches that bring together PEA, PDIA, MEL, and strategy to navigate complex reform spaces. I have worked with bilateral donors, multilateral institutions, think tanks, local CSOs and INGOs to foster organisational learning and smart approaches to delivery, with a thematic focus on governance, accountability, and anti-corruption. I have designed and facilitated numerous workshops and learning spaces and is adept at providing a constructive challenge function with a strong focus on using problem-oriented learning to foster adaptation and change.

I have conducted comparative research on the politics of development and authored influential pieces of academic and policy research. I synthesized findings and lessons from my experiences in the book Why We Lie About Aid: Development and the Messy Politics of Change (Zed Books, 2018).

Some of the organizations I have worked with: DFID/FCDO, MFAT, World Bank, University of Manchester, ODI, ASI, Palladium, DT Global, International Budget Partnership, British Council, Transparency International.

Countries I have worked in: Bulgaria, Ghana, Honduras, Kenya, Liberia, New Zealand, Panama, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Spain, Uganda, UK, US.