Is foreign aid more like Batman or Catwoman?

Recently I have been renewing my fondness for the DC Comics universe, with such pop culture mainstays like Superman or Batman. There is some excitement among online nerds for upcoming films like Batman v. Superman or Suicide Squad, but DC and Warner Bros. have also been good at stimulating my reptilian brain with addictive free-to-play games like Injustice (mobile) and DC Universe Online (pc), or with the solid storytelling of the the Arkham series. It turns out that making super-powered metahumans kick the crap out of each other is the perfect corrective to a day’s work reading and writing about foreign aid and political science. As usual, however, when I am in writing mode my mind makes strange leaps to justify a connection between work and fun. Here’s the latest one: I will argue – in a totally unscientific manner – that the international development community can reflect on its own potential and shortcomings through the lens of super-powered humans. Let me tell you how it works. Continue reading Is foreign aid more like Batman or Catwoman?